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This is a lifetime warranty bought in supplement to our Microsoft Xbox one base model controller repair service.


The $29.99 covers parts, labor, as well as any defects  FOR LIFE and free shipping back to you. After the lifetime warranty is purchased if anything ever went wrong again on the controller all you would need to do is simply pay shipping to our facility. Please save a screenshot of your order and  to present when you are ready to claim the lifetime warranty. Also

message us your serial number located on the battery sticker so we can register your controller.

Everything is covered except obvious physical damage or liquid damage from spills, No power issues and Sync issues.

if the unit is beyond repair due to obvious physical damage or spills we are not required to replace it. we would give you the option to purchase a replacement circuit in the rare occurrence of a no power issue or sync issue.

This Lifetime warranty must be purchased in conjunction with one of our repair services listed below or after the free 30 day warranty of a previously purchased repair service from us has expired

MDB Electronics Lifetime Warranty for Microsoft Xbox one Base model controllers

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